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New York Auto Show

Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Edition

The world’s most popular roadster will be given a special edition that will debut at the New York Auto Show and celebrates 25 years since the first Miata was built. And when we’re saying “the world’s most popular” it’s not because we like it, but because it’s also official, the MX-5 being the Guinness World Record holder for best selling two-seat sport car in history, with more than 940,000 units being sold since 1989. [Read the full article…]

Mercedes-AMG GT Teaser

The Mercedes-AMG GT will the first model to drop the “Benz” from its name (replaced by their high-performance division’s name) and will be carmaker’s main competitor against the other legendary sports car built in Stuttgart, the Porsche 911. The car is the second one to be independently built by AMG, after the SLS AMG which it replaces and its world debut is scheduled for this fall. But Mercedes won’t let us wait and two photos of the model’s interior were “leaked” today. [Read the full article…]

Chevrolet Camaro Ford Mustang 50

In a bold marketing move, Chevrolet released a photo of a Camaro decorated with two number candles “5” and “0”, wishing Happy Birthday to the Ford Mustang which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Chevrolet, which has an important muscle car heritage, also honored the Mustang as the true pioneer of this market segment and came up with a nice birthday wish: “Here’s to another 50 years of rivalry. Your friend, Camaro.” [Read the full article…]