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Drunken driver gets his car taken away in traffic after erratic driving [video]

Published by on Jun 3, 2014 in Video Leave a comment

Drunk Driver Poland

We’ve all seen news reports with drunk drivers being interview and they could barely stand upright and if you’re like us, you probably couldn’t help thinking what the heck are these people thinking when they’re climbing into the driver’s seat drunk like that. And while usually most drunk drivers manage to hold it together and drive in a straight line, there are some like this guy over here.

So what do you do when you spot a driver which is obviously extremely drunk and threat to all the others on the road? Most of us, you have to admit it, would probably just drive away and, perhaps, alert a police crew if one is in the way. But these guy (from Poland, if we judge by the drunk’s license plate) deserve all our appreciation because they decided to take attitude and stop that idiot. At the first red light (where the drunk driver fortunately stopped), the passenger jumped out of his seat and removed the driver’s keys. They probably waited until the police arrived and the driver should thank these guys, because other wise who the hell knows what could’ve happened.

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