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Mercedes E 63 AMG owns Nissan 350Z…while pulling trailer [video]

Published by on May 14, 2014 in Video Leave a comment

Mercedes E 63 AMG Lawnmower Nissan

Ok, so if you’re a Nissan fan, what you’re about to see might hurt you. A lot. According to the guy who took this video (the Mercedes driver), he was challenged by the guy with the Nissan 350Z which had several upgrades installed and claimed he had just raced a C63 AMG and won. Of course, like any sports car owner out there that respects himself, the Mercedes guy couldn’t resist a nice race but thought the 350Z driver was so full of #$%^ that he decided to teach him a lesson and showed up pulling his lawnmower on a trailer. Can’t imagine what the Nissan guy must’ve felt like, especially after getting destroyed by the E63. You have to watch this!


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