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Nice save by Fiesta driver on the Nürburgring [video]

Published by on May 15, 2014 in Video Leave a comment

Ford Fiesta Nurburgring Almost Crash

Everyone enjoys a good track day every once in a while, but the tricky part is that sometimes you actually start feeling like a sort of Hamilton and forget your limits. And usually that’s when bad things happen, especially to the cars, because track are quite safe to drivers these days. We’ve seen plenty of crashes on different tracks around the world and Nürburgring is one of the places that saw its fair share of people destroying the barriers or the cars.

And that’s exactly what this Ford Fiesta driver was about to do, after he entered a corner a little too fast and went wide on the grass. He lost control but after a short trip on the grass on the other side of the track, he managed to pull himself together and control the car, after doing a small artistic jump. So what did he say to a crash? Not today! Nice job, dude.

Source: Carscoops

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