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Opel crashes Volkswagen fans’ party in Worthersee

Published by on May 24, 2013 in Video Leave a comment

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Each year, Volkswagen Group’s fans gather in Worthersee, Austria to celebrate their love for the group’s brands, whether it’s Volkswagen, Audi or Seat. And 2013 was no exception, thousands of fans gathering to talk about their cars, admire several new concepts from the group’s brands or simply have a good time.

But Opel thought it was a good moment to take advantage of this reunion and to draw a little attention to themselves. To be honest, the strategy was quite clever. What Opel did was to give out around 6,000 3D glasses which everybody took, not knowing exactly what they were for. And while they were expecting some sort of surprise from Volkswagen, they did get one, but from Opel. Because they staged a fireworks show and if you looked at the fireworks through the glasses you could see 3D logos of Opel. Of course, as you can imagine, many were amused by Opel’s stunt, but there were some who were pretty angry and burned the 3D glasses.

Here’s a video of the event. Enjoy!

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