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Russian truck driver miraculously avoids crash [video]

Published by on May 6, 2014 in Video Leave a comment

Truck Brakes Russia

I’m sure that even if they had tried, Volvo wouldn’t have released a better commercial for how safe their cars and trucks are. Because no advertising agency could’ve thought about putting a careless lady at the wheel of a small Daewoo Matiz and then place her in front of a speeding giant Volvo truck. The video was caught in Russia (where else?) and shows how skilled some truck drivers are, because to be honest, I think it’s a miracle that lady wasn’t blown away by the truck.

Being glad that everyone was ok, it’s actually hilarious how she still doesn’t see the truck, even when it’s completely stopped, and bumps into it. Everyday I am amazed of how some people got their driving license!

For more videos like, feel free to check out our Fun section. Warning, it’s quite addictive! You’ve been warned, so don’t blame us if you missed that deadline.

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