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Touching video of Volkswagen Kombi’s last wishes

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Volkswagen Kombi Last Wishes Video

As you probably know, the Volkswagen Kombi production ended last December, after an incredible 68-year adventure which saw the car turning from a cargo and passenger van into a cultural icon. And to celebrate the model’s history and heritage, Volkswagen has released this heart warming video of the Kombi’s “will” that shows, among others, Ben Pon Jr., the son of the Kombi’s creator, Ben Pon.

Also known as the Volkswagen Type 2, the Volkswagen Transporter, Bus or Camper, the first Kombi was produced on March 8, 1950. The second generation was introduced in 1967 and built until 1979, but it was so successful that even though the German carmaker introduced a modern third generation in 1979, the original Type 2 was built for 35 more years, until last December. European production ended in 1979, when the third generation was put into production, but continued in Mexico, Brazil and for a short period between 1981 and 1986 in Argentina. Production in Mexico ended in 1996, and the Kombi was built exclusively in Brazil, at the Volkswagen plant in São Bernardo do Campo. After the year 2000, government pollution regulations became more strict and forced Volkswagen to upgrade the powertrain and improve the Kombi’s fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions, in the second half of the first decade. However, the decision to end production was soon made by Volkswagen and, like we said, the final unit was assembled in December 2013.

The Volkswagen Kombi’s production run is one of the longest ones in history and is by far the longest model run in Brazil, with more than 1.5 million units built between 1950 and 2013. Enjoy the video and please promise us you won’t cry (especially if you own a Kombi).

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