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Video: Funny commercial for Ford Focus’ Door Edge system

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Ford Focus Door Edge Protection

Ever since its launch, the new Ford Focus has been praised by the amount of technology it incorporates and right now the car is one of the best choices in the compact segment. And while the car features stuff like Torque Vectoring Control, Active Park Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Low Speed Safety System or Lane Departure Warning, the fun part in many cars are the small things. In this case, we’re talking about the Door Edge Protector system. Ford of Germany used two sumo wrestlers to create a little confusion among the people in a parking lot in Germany. But let’s not spoil the fun and see the commercial first:

The system is designed by Ford’s engineers in Cologne, Germany, and features a protective flap that is usually concealed in the door, but when the door opens it comes out and acts as a buffer preventing any damage to the paint or body of both the Focus and the car next to it. This type of incidents are usually a real pain, since in many cases the perpetrators remain unknown and the price to repair it can easily go as high as $200 or $300.

The system can be used on both front and rear doors and it retracts in just 60 milliseconds, so fast that even if the door is being slammed, it won’t get caught. And if something does happen to it, replacing it is extremely using, all the owner has to do is clip the new one into place.

Source: Ford Germany

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