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Video: Violent Chevrolet Orlando crash

Published by on Oct 16, 2013 in Video Leave a comment

Chevrolet Orlando Crash Russia

The internet would definitely be a lot more boring if it weren’t for Russian drivers. They are the salt and pepper of the car industry and this time we’ve spotted a drunk Russian that violently smashed his Chevrolet Orlando into a concrete slab. There aren’t many details, except for the description on the YouTube video. The uploader says he left his dashcam on while stepping away from his car and when he came back to the car the Orlando was gone but there were a lot of traces that something nasty had happened. So he checked the camera and came up with this gem. From the look of that crash, if that Orlando survived, it must be one tough car (at least the windshield wipers are still working). But I’ve already spoken too much, I’ll just let you guys enjoy this fine sample of Russian driving:

Source: Speed Carz

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