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Video: Why do men buy coupes?

Published by on Oct 10, 2013 in Video Leave a comment

BMW 4-Series Coupe Commercial

Like we said, BMW has already started heavily promoting the new 4-Series coupe and here their most recent video commercial, which answers the question “Why do men buy coupes?”. The answer is pretty obvious, but let’s watch the video:

This spot comes only a few days after Martin Schweinhuber, the project manager for the 4-Series, gave an interview in which he talked in detail about the car, about its target and about BMW’s expectations. According to the German official, the new 4-Series is not just a 3-Series with less doors, but an independent model that addresses looking for a great sports car. The only things the 4-Series and 3-Series have in common are the front hood and the door handles…everything else has changed, starting with the lower ground clearance, the improved suspension and steering or the wider body. The customers BMW had in mind when they created the 4-Series are males inclined to sporty driving.

BMW’s marketing manager, Falko Radomski, explained the new coupe’s higher price (compared to the 3-Series coupe) by a longer list of standard features available. According to him, BMW estimates that around 50% of all 4-Series will be sold in Europe, 30% in the United States and the rest in China and the other markets.

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