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MotorBrief is a car blog aimed at bringing you the most interesting things about the car industry. Or at least what we think it’s most interesting. And even though you might raise an eyebrow, to be honest, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do. We have news about the industry, about new cars, test drives, thousands of photos and videos, reviews of car related products, motorsports news and much, much more. Just browse the site a little and you’ll quickly get an idea of how awesome we are. As for us, we’re a team of young car enthusiasts that’s doing our best to create the coolest car website on the entire Internet.

As for our name, Vlad had the idea one night after watching The Pelican Brief, a great movie with Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts. And in case you’re wondering, the name doesn’t mean that we’re dangerous and might get you killed, but that we have a lot of relevant information :)

Also, we’re everywhere. No, really, you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and, of course, YouTube.

And since you probably want to know us a little better (can’t think of other reason why you’d visit the “About” page), here’s something about us and how you can reach us personally.

Vlad Balan
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Like most kids out there, Vlad grew up sticking car pictures on his bedroom’s walls (to his mother’s delight) and dreaming that one day will drive one. Well, in 2007 he wrote his first article about cars and now he drove not one, but tens of cars. Some amazing, some disappointing, but all interesting. When he’s not driving, attending a car event or writing and reading about cars, he enjoys sports, exercising, watching a movie, improving his photography skills or just drinking a Long Island or a Mojito.
Andrew Stoich
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Some of you must remember the Turbo Kent gum wrappers mania of the early 90s. Well, that was Andrew’s first contact with a car (except, of course, for his father’s Audi 100) and he still remembers that his dream car has been the 1987 Chevrolet Camaro for many years. Unfortunately, it took him about 20 years before he actually drove one and now, apparently, doesn’t want to buy one anymore, wants a new one…which he can’t afford, of course.
Mike Brown
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Unlike most kids out there, Mike never played with cars when he was a kid. Or dolls. His father was quite disappointed when all those toy cars went to waste, but all Mike did all day long was read. Later, he got his driver’s license just ’cause his dad said so. But all changed when he got his first car, a splendid, unique and amazing ten-year old Opel Astra F. Of course, we don’t share his high opinion on this car, but we’re glad it turned him into the car freak he is today.

That’s all about us, if you have anything you’d like to talk with us please use Facebook or Twitter or our contact page or anything you’d like.