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Shelby Mustang GT500 by TruFiber

Published by on May 4, 2014 in Aftermarket/Tuning Leave a comment

Every time we hear about a new tuning program for the Ford Mustang we can’t help thinking “Oh, dear, not another Mustang on steroids”. And then we come across something like this.

And it’s not that a Shelby GT500 isn’t aggressive enough with its 662-hp and 630 Nm (855 Nm) of torque (not to mention the Super Snake package), but we came to the conclusion that there’s not really too much when it comes to adding a little something extra to a Mustang. And apparently that’s how the folks over at TruFiber feel about it too, because they got to work and replaced the standard hood with a new one, made from carbon-fiber and featuring an impressive power dome. Carbon fiber was also used for the front lip spoiler, while the headlights were blacked out, just like the taillights.

The package is completed by a set of matte black alloy wheels which make the Shelby GT500 by TruFiber look extremely aggressive. So now we ask you: what’s there not to love?

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